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Painterly Patterns WORKSHOP

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Let's dedicate and celebrate these 2x2 hour sessions to painting and drawing patterns. Ill teach you how to become more comfortable in your pattern practice that you wont want to stop creating patterns! I'll be teaching you how to loosen up your pattern making and show you how to paint some pretty painterly patterns. Bring whatever materials you have in your studio / art room with you to the Class. Ill work in a sketchbook and on loose paper, you can also bring 7x5 size paper to make some pretty patterned gift cards. I'll be using watercolours and gouache as well as some markers, pastels and pencil crayons. As you gain confidence we'll work bigger with painterly patterns . Ill show you how to use elements from nature and reference photos to gather shapes for your patterns. Patterns are everywhere and they can really add something special to your art. I look forward to painting and creating patterns with you all.

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