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8 Week Spring into Art online ART Course

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In this 8 week class we will work through 8 weeks of different Mediums. We'll work on Still-Lives, Portraits and Landscapes. There will be 3 x 1.5 hour classes per week, a total of 36 hours.l WK 1 - Charcoal & Graphite WK2 - Pencil Crayons & Pastels WK3- Markers WK4 - Watercolours WK5 - INKS WK6- Acryla Gouache + Gouache WK7 - Acrylics WK8 -Mixed Media WK9- EXTRA 2 Classes I'll provide reference photos for all 8 weeks . We'll explore each medium within the different subject matter. I'll teach you all about Values, Colour - how to work fast and not over think your pieces. I'll be painting in sketchbooks and a 9x12 piece of paper for both sessions, most likely watercolour paper which isn't very grainy or a heavy cardstock for the sketches.

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